Non Diet Approach

Find Balance Nutrition and Wellbeing takes a non-diet approach towards health and wellness. This means that we do not promote diets or diet culture within our clinic. We work with our clients to develop strategies around intuitive eating, mindful eating and other non-diet approaches. This philosophy offers gentle support for those struggling with disordered eating habits, behavioural changes surrounding food, and food related health problems.

Bespoke consultations 

We are all individual and different, so why should we all get the exact same treatment plan? Here at Find Balance we create bespoke individual consultations where we focus on your specific needs

Intuitive eating

We use the 10 principles of intuitive eating throughout our consultations and practices to help clients with disordered eating. This includes discussing food behaviours, and relationship around food. This programme can also be tailored to suit specific health issues such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes and hormone balancing. These principles will show you how to have food freedom, nourish your body and break away from diet culture.

how We Can Help

  • Find a sense of balance within yourself, your food choices and find time for other more important things

  • Increased body image and self esteem

  • Eat the foods your love without guilt or shame

  • Understanding emotional eating

  • Learn how to tune into your bodies needs

  • Break away from diet culture and yo-yo dieting

  • We can also aid help from a non-diet approach with diabetes management, hormone balancing and disordered eating patterns.


Work with me

Here at Find Balance Nutrition and Wellbeing, we offer a wide range of clinical services both in clinic and via Skype to help with behavioural aspects around food, type 1 and 2 diabetes and hormonal balancing. See below for consultation prices and details to get started on your health and wellbeing journey with Sam.