Initial Consultation

90 MINUTES $120

Our initial appointments are 90minutes and is the first step we take to start breaking down your behavioural habits currently around food as well as your current health goals and previous health history. We work together to discuss where you are at currently and the pathway that is going to be taken to ensure your needs are met and you reach a place of food freedom and finding balance within your mind, body and soul.

Available in clinic or Skype

Follow Up Consultation

 45 MINUTES $60 • 60 MINUTES $80

Your follow up consultation will occur as often as your need (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). You will guide these follow up consultations in regards to the areas that are needing more work then others within intuitive eating or your health goals.

Available in clinic or Skype

Follow Up Concession

3 x 45 minute $160, save $20

6 x 45 minute $310, Save $50

10 x 45 minute $510, save $90

Hair Allergen Testing

45 MINUTES + Test $220

Find Balance uses Allergenics, an Auckland based testing company whom are able to use a strand of hair to test for food and environmental intolerances occurring in the body. This includes the results of your hair test, health history and current research done and a consultation to discuss future goal setting.  

Nourish Online COurse

$180.00 (or $40 a week)

Nourish is a six week online course that is designed to support you through breaking away from diet culture, find your hunger and fullness cues and learn about intuitive eating. Each week you will be able to join in a Facebook Live video discussing each topic as well as an e-mail with activities for the week. The topics covered include:

Week One: Dismantling Diet Culture

Week Two: Hunger and Fullness Cues

Week Three: Satisfaction and Satiety

Week Four: Emotional Eating

Week Five: Gentle Nutrition and Movement

Week Six: Moving Forward with Intuitive Eating

The next course will start Monday 27th July. E-mail for more information and to sign up


To Book Or Further Information

For any further information and questions you have regarding any services please e-mail 

Otherwise you can book online using the button below. 

We believe that everyone should have access to nutritional education and support. We offer two scale spaces per month. Please, contact us to discuss your options if you are unable to pay the set fee